Favorite Cake Tools

Hi there! I have been asked many times what are the tools I like to use, how did I do that, and what brand do I like, well here is the list of my favorite tools and secrets to my little success!

Before you start baking and decorating process it’s nice to read couple really useful books, or take couple online classes to eliminate simple mistakes that you could make to spoil your first experience. With such a huge amount of baking and cake decorating books on the market which ones are good for you and which ones are just waste of money? Here is my to go list, without these books I would not have improved my skills as fast as I did. And dont get freaked out from the amount of the books I am suggesting here, believe me this is just a small part of what I actually own)))

Now let’s get to baking and decorating. Here is what you would want to get in order to end up with desired results.

Best tools for baking:

Tools I can’t live without in decorating process:

My favorite coloring products:

My favorite cutters:

Best flower making tools:

My favorite fondant and gumpaste:
Best for modeling:

Best for flowers:

Best for covering:

Best taste: